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Coppi 1970

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Vintage Coppi Bicycle with a piece of mystery.
Starting point, the unmistakable forkcrown. Made by Fiorelli in the '50s but
also by Martens (Martelly) for Destoop in Ghent ... The maker (Eddy Martens from Martelly)
dates this bike in the 70's. Since then there have been some modifications (cable guides) and a repaint in the 80's and the restorer made his mark '33'.


Country: Belgium
Model: Coppi
Year: 1970
Frame Size: CC58
Serial number: 33
Crankset: Campagnolo Record
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record
Pedals: Campagnolo Record
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Record
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Record '74
Shifters: Campagnolo 
Front Hub: Campagnolo Record
Rear Hub: Campagnolo Record
Handlebars and Stem: Cinelli Campione del Mondo early logo 2
Headset: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Brakeset: Universal 68
Seat: San Marco GI Lux 312
Seatpost: Campagnolo Record
Extra: Internal cables, Nisi Mercurio d'Oro 1977 rims
Extra: Campagnolo bar-end shifters, tire saver/cleaner


vintage steel race bike Coppi
Coppi 1970


retro steel bicycle Coppi
Campagnolo Record with
San Marco GI LUX 312
Steel Vintage Bikes Coppi
Coppi forkcrown, cable guides,
Campagnolo Gran Sport


Classic Steel Bikes Coppi
Campagnolo Record '74, drop-outs with '33'
Classic steel racing Coppi
Universal 68 brakeset, Cinelli stem and handlebar


vintage steel race bike Coppi
Campagnolo Record drilled, Alfredo Binda
retro steel bicycle Coppi
Bracket with '33'


Steel Vintage Bikes Coppi
Nisi Mercurio d'Oro 1977


Classic Steel Bikes Coppi
Campagnolo bar-end shifter


Classic steel racing Coppi
Tire cleaner/Wipe wire/Tire saver/Flint catcher




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In de tekst onder de Coppi staat 1970
In de beschrijving 1980

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De fietsmaker, Eddy Martens van Martelly, die de fiets onderzocht heeft en bevestigde dat hij de maker was voor Destoop in Gent, kon vertellen dat de fiets origineel gemaakt is in de jaren '70 maar dat hij gedurende de jaren '80 aangepast is zoals bvb kabels in de buis en opnieuw gespoten. Vandaar de twee data ...