Mont-Ventoux-R4 report

Submitted by dciadmin... on Fri, 02/05/2021 - 20:33

Heading for the Mont Ventoux in the '70s- '80s style.
A Rossin, a Superia and a Merckx on top of a Renault R4 GTL Clan.
1050 km seperating Bruges from Sault and a lot more
on secondary roads ...
Thanks to a.o. for the excellent pictures.

VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
Checking again before depature for a great adventure


vintage Mont-Ventoux-R4 reportage
A moment of rest and reflection, what have we started ?


reportage mont ventoux
Just recieved a warm welcome from a couple of cheesemakers.
The Rossin and the Merckx have still time to get a breath of fresh air
and the R4 seems to feel good in France as 'presse du Tour Cycliste du .... '


Mont-Ventoux-R4 reportage
Where there is friendship and sportsmanship 
music cannot be missed.


VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
Arrived in the middle of the flora and fauna on the Mont Ventoux, our chalet is waiting for us


VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
This is a small part of what awaits us ... la Canibalette:
two times the Mont Ventoux, 4 cols, 3525 altimeters and 131 km ahead


VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
Projecting and dreaming of a heroic achievement ...


VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
Reality before the start, checking material, checking provisions, wishing each other strength


VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
Just arrived ... and already in the centre of attention. Two vintage enthusiasts among a thousand others ....



VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
With two times the Mont Ventoux and 3 other cols the Col de l'homme mort hasn't stolen his name!


VIntage Mont-Ventoux-R4 report
Moment of glory ... the blue weight has reached his goal! And now descend with old brakes ... hot and loud!



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