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PLµX Comments.

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hello, great project, but I didn^t found any ladder examples. If i understand the structure , the ladder can only drive one plc , have you in mid to drive several plcs ? thanks patrick

Dave Nardella

Hello IVO, I want to highlight you Snap7, an open source S7 PLC communication library.
It works fine into several small linux boards and contains also a server that fully emulates a S7 communication processor. Maybe could be useful for adding a communication layer to your PLC that could be used with all Siemens (and not Siemens) HMI panels. In the Snap7 site you will find a lot of documentation and some links to contact me (if you like).
In any case I\'m very impressed with to your work ;-)
regards Dave Nardella

demanax on

Sorry for late reply. I can help if you need so. I am currently working on home automation with i2c. ( sensors are rather cheap and easy to use) For the time being i am using old laptops with linux. I just started with raspberry pi last month and it is a very active community with a lot of ressources I am interested with your plc framework as it could be easier to develop application and to maintain it.

Have no experience with Raspberry Pi, I order a Raspberry Pi next month.
Normally I create a version for Raspbian “wheezy”.
According to experts Arch Linux ARM is a better choice?


Hello Ivo, Good project,ladder diagram editor is very user-friendly! I am going to test it on a Beaglebone black board. Are you also going to implement analog inputs (ADC-chip with I2C interface)? Would be nice to switch an output(on/off) when analog value exceeds a limit (high or low).

Hallo Ivo,
Ik heb inmiddels het programma getest met de Beaglebone Black.
In eerste instantie kreeg ik de volgende melding:
Error: -2, (I2C) No PCA9555 module found.
I2C modules in use: address:0 to address: -1.
PLµX started.
Na enige tijd stopte het programma vanzelf.
Naar aanleiding van een commentaar op je website betreffende de PCA9555, heb ik de files PCA9555.C en PCA9555.H bekeken en zag een verwijzing naar /DEV/PCA9555. Deze is in de BB Black niet terug te vinden.
Ik heb deze aangemaakt met: mknod /dev/pca9555 c 89 1
Hierdoor is deze gekoppeld aan dezelfde poort als /dev/i2c-1.
/dev/i2c-1 is de I2C2 poort van de processor en aangesloten op connector P9 pin19 (I2C2-SCL) en pin20 (I2C2-SDA).
De I2C1 poort is standaard niet ingeschakeld, daarom is I2C2 gekoppeld aan /dev/i2c-1.
Na deze aanpassing herkent het programma de PCA9555.
Ik heb een aantal diagrammen getest en zo te zien werken deze goed.
Ik heb de regel om /dev/pca9555 aan te maken opgenomen in
Het rechtstreeks uit de editor downloaden en starten/stoppen heb ik nog niet getest.



great project!! would it be possible to use it on a raspberry pi instead of the gnublin ?


GREAT STUFF... Ill floow with interest hwere you go with this. Ive been working in both industrial and scientific remote control and measurement systems for 30yrs and I see great potential in this. I would dearly love a genuinely user friendly plc type front end to add to my complex remote datalogging systems and as I use EXCLUSIVELY LINUX ONLY this would fit nicely esp if I can add in local dynamic control signalling .. Im going to get a few boards now and start playing... cheers rob


great concept. can u put me on ur mailing list. thanks.


Hi, I have a board Gnublin Elektor and PCA9555 expansion card. When I launch plux_c a type error appears : Error:-2,(I2C)NO PCA9555 module found, I2C module in use : adresse 0 to adresse:-1 Plux started What is the problem? I do not have /dev/pca9555 file, modprobe pca953x has not installed. Regards, Hervé


I am an international sales manager of one offshore professional pcb manufacture,expecting the cooperation with your company. Best regards.


Greetings, I\'m currently looking for cheap and open source solutions for PLCs, both operating systems and hardware. A google research led me here and I was wondering if you could provide more detailed information about your current project PLC on Linux. Thanks for your attention.