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PLµX, Possible hardware configuration ...

GNUBLIN, inputs, outputs.

Raspberry PI, Beaglebone Black.

Using Raspberry PI Or Beaglebone Black.

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Possible configuration with: Raspberry PI board GNUBLIN Module-GnuPi or Beaglebone Black GNUBLIN Module-GnuBo.
PLuX and the BeagelBone Black.
Run PLuX
Error: -2, (I2C) No PCA9555 module found.
I2C modules in use: address:0 to address: -1.
PLuX started. //PLuX not working properly!

You need i2c-1 (By default disabled) if you want to add I2C for PLuX.
You can add these device file with the following commands:
mknod /dev/pca9555 c 89 1

If the hardware is connected to the board, you can communicate with the hardware.
BeagleBone Black Pin configuration: Connector P9 pin19 (I2C2-SCL) and pin20 (I2C2-SDA).

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PLuX and the Raspberry PI.
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