Billato race frame 1988

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Silvio Billato started after WWII as an apprentice in the tradition of framebuilding. He founded his own firm in 1962. On their current website son Roberto is writing that they made a lof of frames for other brands and teams such as Coppi, Bianchi, Concorde, Marin, Greg Lemond, Look and Fondriest. A family and a firm proud to be 'telaiste'! Even today they make steel frames, Super Corsa (see last photo).

Country: Italy

Model: Billato
Year: 1988
Frame Size: 55

Serial number:
Tubing: Columbus
Extra: Internal cable rear derailleur


vintage steel race bike frame Billato
Billato frame


retro steel bicycle  frame Billato
Billato seatstay panto


Steel Vintage Bikes frame Billato
Campagnolo dropouts


Classic Steel Bikes frame Billato
Lugs and forkcrown panto


Classic steel racing frame Billato
Headtube panto


vintage steel race bike frame Billato
Bracket panto


retro steel bicycle  frame Billato
Bracket milled, internal cable rear derailleur


Steel Vintage Bikes frame Billato
Billato Super Corsa still made to this day




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