Campagnolo seatposts pantographed

Submitted by dciadmin... on Mon, 02/01/2021 - 20:39

Vintage Campagnolo seatposts pantographed


Country: Italy Categorie: Seat post
Brand: Campagnolo Model: 1037
Record/Super Record Extra: Met geleider voor pedaal riempjes. 1967-1987

Pantographed from the factory or manufactured in a workshop of a
framebuilder (or one of his staff members) ...
It allways adds value.


vintage Campagnolo seatposts pantographed
Three Campagnolo Record seatposts with Concorde. Seems the middle one has the oldest logo.


vintage Campagnolo seatposts pantographed
Gios on a Super Record
vintage Campagnolo seatposts pantographed
Two Records with Olmo, on the right the older logo, on the left more recent


vintage Campagnolo seatposts pantographed
Coppi on the right and "C" for .... on the left


vintage Campagnolo seatposts pantographed
The "R" for .... , in the middle a Super Record and on the right Plum



Italy, Pantogrpahed, Nuovo Super Record

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