Verdal in the cycling world and Tour de France

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The firm was founded in 1933 by Etienne VERmeersch (married with Mathilda DALle).
De watches were made in Switzerland by Pronto watches co. Distribution first from Bruges later on
from Antwerp. The most florishing period was 1950 - 1980. Many well-known cyclists had a Pronto Verdal on their wrist such as Van Steenbergen, Merckx, Gimondi, ...
Sales were stopped in 1997.


vintage horloge verdal TDF
Advertising in 1958 for the new model Tour de France,
with teammembers of that year
vintage horloge verdal TDF
Advertising detail 


vintage horloge verdal TDF
Verdal Tour de France with the map of France on
the back, serial number 6300
vintage horloge verdal TDF
Verdal Tour de France 1960
with Fleur de Lys as logo


vintage horloge verdal TDF
Beautiful ad from 1948
vintage horloge verdal TDF
Verdal Tour de France
100% waterproof, seventeen jewels


vintage horloge verdal TDF
Verdal, no so easy to shout out loud as Rooodaaaniiiiaaa .... ! (photo 1954)




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