Eroba Race Bicycle 1954

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Vintage steel race bike Eroba

Eroba, from the south of the Netherlands in Echt. 
Thanks to Marco!


Country: Netherlands
Model: Race/Sport
Year: 1954
Frame Size: CT56
Serial number: 45265
Tubing:  Steel
Crankset: Stronglight
Bottom Bracket: Stronglight
Front Derailleur: Simplex Competition
Rear Derailleur: Simplex LJuy 543

Shifter: Simplex
Front Hub: Ofmega
Rear Hub: Normandy high flange
Handlebars and Stem: Titan, Titan Luxe
Headset: Stronglight
Brakeset: Weinmann, Bianchi Super Rapid
Seatpost: Idéal 4 TB
Extra: Fides water bottle and bottle holder
Extra: Handpainted, chromed forkcrown, 2 times 5 gears


vintage steel race bike racing Bicycle Eroba 1954
 Eroba 1954 in full glory


vintage steel race bike racing Bicycle Eroba 1954
Head tube badge
Bicycle Eroba 1954
Stronglight crank


Bicycle Eroba 1954
Chromed forkcrown
Bicycle Eroba 1954
Simplex LJuy 543
Caimi Castano Everest freewheel
Super Champion rim
Bicycle Eroba 1954
Simplex Competition front derailleur


Bicycle Eroba 1954
Patina, patina, patina, ....
Bicycle Eroba 1954
Simplex shifter for rear derailleur


eroba bidon
Fides bottle and bottlecage