Masi Prestige 1982 restoration project

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Masi Prestige restauration project.
From father to son, under the Vigorelli velodrome in Milan.
With many thanks to Corwim (


Country: Italy
Model: Masi Prestige
Year: 1982
Frame Size: CT 56
Serial number:
Tubing: Columbus
Crankset: Campagnolo SR 1049/A '82
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo SR 4031
Pedals: Campagnolo SR (titanium)
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo SR 1052/SR
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo SR 4001 '82

Shifters: Campagnolo SR; porta catena version
Front Hub: Campagnolo SR
Rear and front hub: Campagnolo SR 1034
Handlebars and Stem: 3ttt panto Masi
Headset: Campagnolo SR 4041
Brakeset: Campagnolo R 2030 milled/SR 4061
Seat: Fangio
Seatpost: Campagnolo SR 4051
Extra: Martano Grand Prim 80 chrome spokes
Extra: Maillard 5 sp 14/23, Benotto tape, Masi waterbottle
Extra: Porta Catena


Vintage MASI prestige project
MASI Prestige pre restoration


Vintage MASI prestige project
Brake bridge pre-resto
Seatstay pre-resto


Vintage MASI prestige project
From father Faliero to son Alberto, from Gran Criterium to Prestige
Vintage MASI prestige project
Inside forkcrown pre-resto


MASI Prestige,
Cleaning out for bottom bracket, tool 721


Vintage MASI prestige project
Campagnolo Super Record '82, Ale toeclips, Lapize straps


MASI Prestige,
Cleaning for the rear derailleur, tool 707
MASI Prestige,
Campagnolo Super Record, restored frame


MASI Prestige,
Campagnolo SR, restored in detail
Martano Grand Prim 80 rims with chrome spokes, tool 'R'


MASI Prestige,
From S to XXL
MASI Prestige,
Campagnolo Super Record, restored in detail


MASI Prestige,
Forkcrown, Campagnolo SR brakes and head set


MASI Prestige pre resto
Bracket restored
MASI Prestige,
Porta Catena shifter, detail restored fork


MASI Prestige pre resto
Maillard 5 speed for the porta catena
MASI Prestige pre resto
Campagnolo Record brake levers milled


Vintage MASI prestige project
MASI Prestige 1982 in its full glory